Everyday Life in the Viking Age

Åse is on the run. She must find a place to hide.

She got a head start on the warrior when he took a wrong step up by the waterfall, but he will soon catch up.

She sneaks around the tree trunk to see if she can spot an escape route.

He’s snuck up behind her. Now she’s done for!

“I captured you, you ugly thrall!” Orm proclaims.

“No way, you did not!” Åse says.

The sound of the birch trumpet calls them back to the homestead. A farm has a number of children, workers, servants and thralls, and for everything to run smoothly, one and all are put to work. The farmer’s wife gathers the flock of kids and young thralls around her and delegates tasks. 

Together with the youngest, the wife works on the nettles. This versatile plant can be used in cooking and for dyeing wool. The strong nettle stalks can also make excellent ropes.

Orm and Åse’s task is to go to the lake and set up fishing nets. As packed lunch, they are given some cold, cured and boiled fish. The game continues on the trip towards the lake. They have to tread carefully – Åse is pretty sure she saw a Jotunn up near the scree. Orm definitely thinks it was Loki himself! But now they need to set those nets.

Orm notices that one of the sinkers needs repairing. The stone in the middle, that gives it just the right weight, has fallen out. Using the knife in his belt, he loosens some birch bark and braids it to fasten a new stone. After the nets are out, they spend the night on the shore.

The next morning they wander back to the farm. Another day awaits, filled with both work and play.

“Come on, big brother! Last man there is a filthy thrall!”